“I thank my lucky stars that I found Johanna! She showed such compassion and understanding of both myself and my little one. She treated him as an equal participant in the process; he is a little baby but she showed such connection with him and with us as a team, it made me feel so much more at ease. Ultimately, she armed me with a wealth of valuable information, tools, techniques and exercises, along with recommendations for the top specialists. I then found the strength to advocate for my baby, trusting in what I learned, and two other specialists confirmed what Johanna had determined. We are a week in to recovery and my little one is feeding so much better and getting stronger every day. I can’t say enough how much I recommend Johanna and the support she has given to us. It is invaluable and I love how she approaches everyone with such a gentle and knowledgeable manner ❤️❤️

Lauren K

“Johanna is the personification of empathy, and an outmost competent professional. Her practice is the safest space and her consultations offered us the best self confidence to address our issues. I felt I knew enough about breastfeeding, but after each session I left her place admiring her knowledge. It wasn’t only about the practical tips, but also about complex emotions. I can’t recommend her enough, whether for greater issues that affect mothers’ or babies’ health (I’m thinking low supply, mastitis and tongue tie) to smaller and yet annoying stuff. Thank you again for everything!”


“I felt like Johanna truly listened to my needs and wants for mine and my son’s breastfeeding journey, and then gave me the tools I needed to move forward with confidence. Her passion to help others meet their goals, and her incredible knowledge of the science behind breastfeeding… all major reasons I wholeheartedly trust her advice. Thank you, Johanna! Looking forward to our next consult!”

Lauren D

“I just reached 6 months of EBF my little one and wouldn’t have made it this far without Johanna’s help and support. She not only knows how to help but she knows how to do it in a truly caring and genuine way that makes you feel comfortable and positive about your situation. My only change is wishing I knew about her before my birth to be better prepared.”


“As I nurse my 3.7 year old to sleep tonight, I was thinking about how far we have come and those that have helped us on our breastfeeding journey. My son was born at 34 weeks and spent 4 weeks in NICU. When he was discharged I felt alone, terrified and clueless. I was on antibiotics for mastitis in both breasts, I was also being treated for thrush, and was dealing with a massive oversupply, which I didn’t know I had. Enter Johanna. She has been such an important part of our breastfeeding journey. At every bump we hit, she was there, with knowledge, words of encouragement, compassion, hugs and even (much needed) laughter. Also, on the good days, she listened and celebrated with us. Johanna helped me realise I was addicted to my pump. I was trying to compensate for having a premature baby by proving to myself (and possibly the world) that my body wasn’t a failure, that I could care and help other babies by feeding them my milk. With her help, I reduced pumping, got my oversupply under control whilst still exclusively breastfeeding my son. Later when I wanted to night wean, her advice about how to gently do it was invaluable. At times when I thought I wanted to stop, Johanna listened to me, my fears and worries, and never did she judge. Tonight as my son snores beside me, I am so thankful that Johanna came into our lives. She helped us so much. Johanna, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.”


“I strongly recommend Johanna’s support! Had a rough start to breastfeeding and she was an amazing resource. She was patient, compassionate and able to provide scientifically supported advice. I used her meetings to meet other moms and then had a private consultation with Johanna when I was transitioning back to work and wanted to continue feeding. She is an invaluable resource!”


“Johanna is one of a kind. Such a generous person with her immense knowledge and the one you want to see when you need to plan your breastfeeding journey or need help because something went wrong or you’re in need of information and reassurance. I saw Johanna for a pre-natal consultation and after birth. I struggled so much with breastfeeding and I can honestly say I would not be here breastfeeding my 3 month old without her help.”


“I reached out to Johanna at a time when my own insecurities and bad advice from people who are supposed to know better had made me doubt myself and my ability to nourish my daughter. Even if I could only have a couple of skype consultations due to distance, Johanna’s evidence-based approach and empathy put the first grain in restoring confidence to myself. Some words that might sound simple empowdered me greatly and helped me restart my breastfeeding journey in a new way. She could also put me in touch with other professionals with discretion and non-judgemental attitude. The bf fb group that she runs has also been a great support ever since. Approaching my daughter’s first birthday I just wanted to express my gratitude. Thank you, Johanna, for your understanding and support. Thank you for caring and for inspiring me to want to offer support to other women as well. I wish I could have had your advice beforehand but I am grateful that I had it anyway!”


“”Johanna, the work you do, the seeds you are planting in us are growing with more confidence every single day, thanks to you and your wonderful work. Your hard job is changing our lives! My appointment with you gave me so much confidence and helped me to be proud again, instead of being ashamed. My confidence had been taken away, month by month. And just with one meeting with you, I got it all back, and actually even more — I have never been as confident and proud as I have since our meeting. This really makes me feel so calm, you have no idea! Little do you see the result of your work. Because all we can do is tell you our stories and thank you for your help. But you don’t live in our homes. So you don’t see the joy and love you bring into our homes with your work. But be sure, every mother you have met, every mother you have supported, is becoming a happier mother, a more confident one, a more peaceful and calm one. Thank you so very very much!!!💜”


“I just reached 6 months of EBF my little one and wouldn’t have made it this far without Johanna’s help and support. She not only knows how to help but she knows how to do it in a truly caring and genuine way that makes you feel comfortable and positive about your situation. My only change is wishing I knew about her before my birth to be better prepared.”


“Johanna’s openness, honesty and friendliness were a great help to me as I struggled to breastfeed my son when he was born prematurely. Through the sessions that I had with her she gave me the confidence to make the difficult decisions that I knew were right for me and my son. She had many practical tips when the professionals around me had run out of ideas and was the only one to spot a tongue-tie. But her support didn’t stop with breastfeeding. Just after my son had his 4 month check up and we were being encouraged to feed him solid foods, Johanna ran a workshop on solid foods. Here she offered practical advice on solid foods including knowing when your child is ready, how you can start and what to do if choking happens. The workshop was very helpful and the tips are still useful several months later. Thank you Johanna for helping me feed my son confidently and giving me the peace of mind that I am doing right by him.”


“Johanna Sargeant is the reason why many English-speaking, expat women in our area go on to having successful breastfeeding experiences, with ‘success’ defined in the most personal of ways. Her compassionate, and evidence-based style is also highlighted by her no-bull, all-inclusive attitude. I seriously think the world of this lady.”


“Johanna is awesome! Even though I had enough milk for my baby boy during the first two weeks, my supply dropped unexpectedly and I was devastated because I had to supplement with formula. Johanna helped to figure out the cause on the low supply and together we put up a plan. She was convinced that I could shortly be able to exclusively breastfeed him (even though I wasn’t that sure). She was right and in a few weeks I eliminated completely the formula. He is now eating like a champ and growing beautifully. Thank you Johanna.


“Johanna is such an amazing resource for anyone looking for help on their breastfeeding journey. She is not only knowledgeable but is genuinely interested in your concerns and goals. She fosters a judgment-free approach and gives you the tools you need to succeed. I can’t recommend her enough and I don’t know where my little one and I would be without her!”