Specialist Lactation & Infant Feeding Support in Thalwil, Zurich

I’m Johanna, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) from Australia, now based in Thalwil, Zurich, providing breastfeeding support throughout Switzerland, Europe and the world. As a lactation specialist, I see the deep impact that infant feeding issues can have on new parenthood, and aim to smooth this transition as much as possible. 

Everyone deserves to move into parenthood with confidence, and I’d love to walk with you for part of the way. 

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“I thank my lucky stars that I found Johanna! She showed such compassion and understanding of both myself and my little one. She armed me with a wealth of valuable information, tools, techniques and exercises. I found the strength to advocate for my baby, trusting in what I learned. I can’t say enough how much I recommend Johanna and the support she has given to us.“

– Lauren K


I offer in-person consultations in my practice in Thalwil, Zurich. I can also provide virtual support if you live further afield, and have worked with hundreds of clients online to help them reach their feeding goals. 

Contact me personally for professional speaking, writing or teaching engagements. 

Lactation Consultations: Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding

If you’re struggling with any aspect of you child’s feeding, I’d love to help. If you need an achievable, sustainable plan to move forward, I can help you. Read more to see the many areas I can help you with.

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Prenatal Consultations

Prepare for a smooth breastfeeding experience by  gaining a deep understanding of the way your body and baby work together. Know what to expect the first days, helping to prevent future problems. There are things you can do NOW to prepare!

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Writing and Speaking

I frequently teach, present and write for a number of global organisations and high-level teaching facilities.

Feel free to contact me personally for professional speaking, writing or teaching engagements. 

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