Lactation ConsultationS

I know how breastfeeding struggles can have such an impact on your motherhood experience, and I’d love to be your safe, trusted space while we ensure your baby continues to thrive.

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), a specialist offering evidence-based information and empathetic support that enables you to move into motherhood with confidence. 


“Johanna is an amazing lactation consultant who is extremely knowledgeable in tongue and lip ties. She has been so helpful and very supportive in getting my baby back to exclusive breastfeeding after a very challenging start. Without her tips and exercises we wouldn’t be where we are now! Even during these crazy Corona times she managed to help us via Skype, which surprisingly felt no different than having her sit next to me. I can highly recommend her to all mums out there! I am a mother of four and I thought I knew all the tricks…. there are more! And Johanna knows them!” 



I have knowledge and experience in a vast array of infant feeding issues, including:

Oral assessments, including:

  • Tongue ties (types I-IV) and lip ties
  • Palate assessment
  • Disorganised suck
  • Overactive gag reflex
  • Suck training and strengthening

Baby concerns

  • Weight gain worries
  • Reflux and allergies/intolerances
  • Breast refusal / nursing strike 
  • Sleepy or unsettled babies
  • Safe supplementation

Mother concerns

  • Pain 
  • Latching and positioning
  • Worries about supply (low or high)
  • Clogged ducts, recurrent mastitis
  • Thrush, blebs, vasoconstriction
  • Hormonal concerns (PCOS, thyroid, etc)

Pumping & Supplementation

  • Full pumping assessment and sizing
  • Returning to work and Swiss law
  • Bottle rejection 
  • Bottle feeding while protecting a breastfeeding relationship
  • Breastmilk and formula preparation and use

Solids and Weaning 

  • Introducing solid food
  • Gentle weaning and night weaning
  • Fast or emergency weaning when necessary
  • Advice and support, entirely free of judgement

Special situations

  • Cleft palates
  • Genetic disorders, such as Down’s Syndrome
  • Insufficient Glandular Tissue (hypoplastic breasts)
  • Breastfeeding after surgery
  • Induced lactation and relactation

Schedule your appointment

Feel free to contact me to discuss any specific areas or issues you would like to explore.

Lactation consultations take 90 minutes, allowing a full exploration of your and your child’s situation. You will receive a detailed care plan after your visit. 

My consultations occur in my practice in Thalwil, or online, with the occasional home visit reserved for those with highly complex needs.