Lactation Consultation

If you are struggling with any aspect of your child’s feeding, if you have questions and uncertainties, if you feel that you’d like to talk through some options in a safe and entirely non-judgemental way, I’d love to assist you.

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), offering evidence-based information and empathetic support that enables you to move into motherhood with confidence. 

“I strongly recommend Johanna’s support! I had a rough start to breastfeeding and she was an amazing resource. She was patient, compassionate and able to provide scientifically supported advice. I used her meetings to meet other moms and then had a private consultation with Johanna when I was transitioning back to work and wanted to continue feeding. She is an invaluable resource!”

– Ali


I have knowledge and experience in a vast array of infant feeding issues, including:

Oral assessments, including:

  • tongue ties (types I-IV) and lip ties
  • palate assessment
  • disorganised suck
  • overactive gag reflex
  • suck training and strengthening

Baby concerns

  • Weight gain worries
  • Reflux and allergies/intolerances
  • Breast refusal / nursing strike 
  • Sleepy or unsettled babies
  • Safe supplementation

Mother concerns

  • Pain prevention and treatment
  • Latching and positioning
  • Worries about supply (low or high)
  • Clogged ducts, recurrent mastitis, abscess
  • Thrush, blebs, vasoconstriction
  • Hormonal concerns (PCOS, thyroid, etc)

Pumping & Supplementation

  • Pumping, storing and the safe use of stored milk
  • Returning to work and Swiss law
  • Bottle rejection 
  • Bottle feeding while protecting a breastfeeding relationship
  • Formula preparation and use


  • Introducing solid food
  • Gentle weaning and night weaning
  • Fast or emergency weaning when necessary
  • Advice and support, entirely free of judgement

Special situations

  • Cleft palates
  • Prematurity and birth complications
  • Genetic disorders, such as Down’s Syndrome
  • Insufficient Glandular Tissue (hypoplastic breasts)
  • Breastfeeding augmentation and breast reduction

Schedule your appointment

Feel free to contact me to discuss any specific areas or issues you would like to explore.

Lactation consultations usually last 90-120 minutes, depending on your needs and your history. Follow up consultations are usually 30-60 mins. Shorter or longer consultations can easily be organised upon request, depending on the issues you wish to explore.

Custom packages are available based on individual needs; contact me for more information. 

I offer consultations as home or hospital visits, in-practice or via Skype.

Not sure what to book?

Send me a message and we’ll figure it out together.