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I am looking forward to working with you soon! Please fill out the booking form below to secure an appointment. 

PLEASE NOTE: My availability is very limited until August 24. 

INSURANCE: Some insurance companies will only cover lactation consultations when done by a nurse, doctor or midwife, regardless of their lactation training. You need to check with your provider individually. 

First appointment

My first appointment with you. This includes a detailed feeding assessment, baby’s oral assessment (if necessary), mother’s breast assessment (if necessary). Together, we  create a plan, and you will be sent detailed notes afterwards, clarifying the steps of the specific care-plan we create. Learn more…


  • Online (90 mins) for CHF 190
  • Office Visit (90 min) for CHF 220
  • Home Visits (up to 120min) for CHF 275

Follow up

A discussion and re-assessment of your and your baby’s needs, a chance to ask more questions, to adjust your care plan and/or exercises to move further towards your goal. A full new care plan will be created for you if necessary.  

  • Online (60 mins) for CHF 120
  • Office visit (90min) for 190


Intro to Solids

Do you have questions about solid foods? When to start and what to start with? Are they eating enough? What about allergies? How to combine milk (breastmilk and/or formula) with solids? Learn about baby’s nutritional needs, true readiness, and what would be the best approach for YOU. 

  • Online 60 mins for CHF 120

Bottles or Weaning

– Bottles: If you’re looking for advice about the best way to introduce a bottle, this is for you. If your baby is refusing the bottle, this is for you!

– Weaning: For compassionate, non-judgemental weaning advice at any age, choose this. Includes emergency weaning, gentle night weaning, weaning from pumping, and any other weaning support.

  • Online 60 mins for CHF 120


Gain knowledge and support to ensure that you feel ready to breastfeed your new baby with confidence. We look at the things you can do now to help you and your baby during the first days.

We can prepare a plan together to assist you in achieving your breastfeeding goals. Learn more…

  • Online (90 mins) for CHF 180
  • Office Visit (90min) for 220

Q&A for Professionals

Are you a breastfeeding supporter, birth worker or any other professional looking to ‘pick my brain’ for how I do things? I receive many of these emails for people wanting guidance or advice, and I really appreciate you valuing the expertise I’ve gathered in getting to where I am. 

  • Online 30 mins for CHF 40
  • Online 60 mins for CHF 80


Not sure?

Some insurance companies only cover lactation consultations by a nurse, doctor or midwife, regardless of their lactation training. You need to check with your specific provider. 


I am mostly offering online consultations due to the COVID-19 restrictions, with a much lower availability for home visits and in-office visits. Hoping to be able to support more of you in your homes again soon.

Home visits

For home visits, I will travel up to 30km from Wädenswil. Please note that for home visits, we may need to slightly shift your appointment time based on your location. I will message you if this is the case.


Online support

For online visits, I prefer Skype. Before our call, please add my Skype name (johannasargeant) as a contact in preparation for our call. You do NOT need to install Skype, but can use the web browser version. Contact me with questions.

In-practice visit

Office visits are at Dorfstrasse 18, Thalwil (shown below). Come around the back of the building to find the entrance. Public parking spaces can be found at Dorfstrasse 16 or Tödistrasse.