I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in Zurich, Switzerland, working locally, nationally and globally. As an infant feeding, breastfeeding and lactation specialist, I see the impact that infant feeding issues can have on new parenthood, and aim to smooth this transition as much as possible. 

I have additional training as a trauma-informed health professional, am a member of the International Affiliation of Tongue Tie Professionals, and am passionate about using a variety of counselling techniques to give parents agency and confidence, alongside a vastly extensive knowledge-base. 

My work focuses on so much more than breastfeeding. While always ensuring the utmost health for both you and your baby, I will constantly consider your goals and dreams of motherhood, the history that you bring with you into this journey, and the support situation that surrounds you.”

– Johanna


In addition to my practice, Milk and Motherhood, I also work as lactation consultant in other capacities: 

Community Support

Founder and administrator of the 2500 member group “Breastfeeding Mamas in Switzerland”, providing an opportunity for quality support for both mothers and health professionals throughout the country. 

Founder of the Swiss peer-to-peer milk sharing group, ‘Human Milk 4 Human Babies – Switzerland’, allowing for families to have more options for informed infant feeding choices.

Research Assistant and Writer

Working together with the University of Zurich to better the world’s understanding of breastfeeding.

Writer for a variety of global magazines and journals, with a focus on maternal identity, at-breast supplementation 


International Speaker

Presenter for a variety of international breastfeeding conferences, such as Gold Lactation 2021, and International Breastfeeding and Feminism Conference 2018.

Panel member for the WHO’s Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Congress

Trusted Advisor

Works alongside companies to better support breastfeeding. eg. Google Zurich’s onsite breastfeeding advisor throughout the opening of new breastfeeding and parenting facilities, providing employees and visitors with support and advice.

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“I just reached 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding my little one and wouldn’t have made it this far without Johanna’s incredible help and support. She not only has a wealth of knowledge to share in a very approachable way, but she also knows how to do this in a truly caring and genuine way that makes you feel comfortable and positive about your situation. My only change is wishing I knew about her before my birth to be better prepared.”

– Holly

Professional Highlights

Regular speaker at a variety of international conferences and local organisations:



Prolific writer of all things infant feeding and parenting related. Published in the international magazines:



Originally from Australia, I now live in Zürich Switzerland with my husband and two growing boys (now aged 4 and 7).

My passion for breastfeeding support began after experiencing the personal trauma of being unable to feed my children in the way I had always expected, hoped and dreamed. So now, after many years of very intense studying, my goal is to be able to give women what I wasn’t able to find: real answers, and real evidence, while supporting women when they are often at their most vulnerable.

I love writing, my piano and guitar, huge hot baths, my little flower garden, and doing crosswords with my man. I definitely do not love flying, oysters, and judgmental attitudes. After camping and cycling around Europe for a year, I’m quite happy to avoid these two activities for the near future!

WHO conference on breastfeeding

Speaking at the WHO

Last weekend, I travelled to Geneva to speak on a panel at the World Health Organisation’s Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative congress. Surrounded by over 300

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