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Johanna SargeantJohanna Sargeant

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in Zurich, Switzerland, providing breastfeeding support to women around the world. Originally from Australia, I am passionate about working alongside new mothers to enable them to feel pride and joy when watching their babies grow. My work focuses on so much more than breastfeeding. While always ensuring the utmost health for both your baby and you, I will constantly consider your goals and dreams of motherhood, the history that you bring with you into this journey, and the support situation that surrounds you. Everyone deserve to move into motherhood with confidence.

I provide individual lactation consultations, prenatal breastfeeding consultations, and online support. 

Alongside my personal breastfeeding support, I have been a panelist at the WHO’s Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative congress in Geneva, have been both a presenter and an onsite breastfeeding advisor for Google, have worked as a speaker at a variety of international conferences, and work as a writer for a number of national and global magazines. I continue to write extensively on my blog in order to provide valuable breastfeeding information for mothers, partners, friends and family, as well as exploring the complex breastfeeding stories of many mothers world-wide. I also have written here about my own complex, tumultuous breastfeeding experiences, and my own journey.

My extensive array of work includes:

  • Lactation Consultant at Praxiszentrum Arcus, women’s centre for integrated medicine, providing:
    • private breastfeeding counselling to mothers, mums-to-be and their support networks.
    • regular breastfeeding support through my fortnightly Milk and Motherhood meet-ups
    • prenatal breastfeeding classes for parents-to-be, alongside perinatal psychologist, Francesca Baracchi.
  • Panelist at the World Health Organisation’s Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative congress in Geneva (2016-10-24).
  • Google Zurich’s onsite breastfeeding advisor throughout the opening of new breastfeeding and parenting facilities, providing employees and visitors with support and advice.
  • Presenter at Google’s internal Tech Talk on pregnancy and early parenting (2016-02-02).
  • Recipient of a Diversity Scholarship with iLactation for the International Breastfeeding and Human Milk conference.
  • Involved in the running of a support group for new mothers through a local hospital, Paracelsus Spital Richterswil, where I am recognised as a local expert in particular breastfeeding issues.
  • Founder and administrator of the 1900 member Facebook group “Breastfeeding Mamas in Switzerland”, providing an accurate peer-to-peer support network for both mothers and health professionals throughout the country.
  • Swiss representative and administrator for the Human Milk For Human Babies organisation, promoting informed, informal milk donation and connecting mothers with over- and under-supply of breast milk.
  • ‘Baby Baby’ columnist for the parenting magazine “Family Matters”, as well as writing for the international magazine “Breastfeeding Today” (circulation >100k), “Juno” (circulation 25k) and “Womankind” (circulation 20k).

My past studies include Biomedical Science, Occupational Therapy, English Literature, Secondary Education (English and Science) and Philosophy, both in Australia and Canada.

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