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Infant Feeding Tube 4/5Fr - Lactation Aid

This infant feeding tube is medical grade, helping to supplement babies without interfering with breastfeeding. This feeding tube can be used with a container for breastmilk or formula such as a bottle or larger syringe. Tube can be inserted in the corner of baby's mouth directly at the breast, or can be used for finger-feeding. Tubes are compatible with all oral syringes. A syringe is necessary to use with the feeding tube for cleaning purposes (syringes sold separately). These tubes are designed to be used on short-term basis of no more than two weeks.

  • Compatible with all oral syringes
  • Can be used up to 2 weeks with appropriate cleaning (replace tubing once tip becomes stiff)
  • Medical-grade PVC
  • Sterile individual packaging

It is advisable to use these tubes initially with the presence of a lactation consultant who is knowledgeable in such feeding methods.

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