Peristaltic Bottle Teat (size SS) - Narrow Neck

Fits Medela bottles!
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Bottle Nipple Teat, size SS (0+m)

* Sold individually* 

* Specially imported extra slow flow rate!*

These bottle nipples from Lactation Hub have the ideal shape and slope for breastfed babies, encouraging tongue extension and the wave-like (peristaltic) suckling motion that we want for breastfed babies to maintain. The nipple is made from super soft, flexible silicone, and the matte surface enables baby to get a secure latch and seal on the nipple.

BPS and BPA free. These bottle nipples have Air Ventilation System, and inner vertical grooves make the nipple collapse resistant.

These are size 'SS', extra slow, which is the perfect size for premature and newborn babies up until around 12 weeks, or babies struggling with suckling coordination.

Compatible with these bottles and many more, including but not limited to:

  • Milette (Migros)
  • MAM
  • NUK Smooth Flow
  • Phillips Avent Original (not Naturals)
  • Dr Brown's Wide neck
  • Hygeia
  • Evenflo Balance+
  • Pigeon
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