Short-Term Supplemental Nursing System

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Here you have everything you need to make your own short-term Supplemental Nursing System for at-breast supplementation or finger feeding.


  • 1x Infant Feeding Tubes
  • 1x 10ml sterile syinge
  • 2 x 20ml syringe

Can be used up to 2 weeks with appropriate cleaning (replace tubing once tip becomes stiff)

These systems can help maintain the breastfeeding relationship while keeping your baby fed, and this disposable system is a great device for short-term supplementation, or as a trial to see if a more expensive, long-term solution would work for you!

  • Enables people to breastfeed when they would otherwise be unable to do so
  • Helps to stimulate the milk supply through direct sucking at the breast
  • Trains the baby to suck properly by creating a vacuum at the breast
  • Reduces the need to triple feed (breast + bottle + pump)
  • Allows adopted babies to be fed at the breast
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