Short-Term Supplemental Nursing System

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Here you have everything you need to make your own short-term Supplemental Nursing System for at-breast supplementation or finger feeding.


  • 1x Infant Feeding Tubes
  • 1x Volu-Feed Cap
  • 1 x Volu-Feed Nurser Bottle
  • 1x 20ml Syringe (for cleaning)

Attach the cap to the nurser bottle (directly compatible with Medela Symphony pumping parts), and the tube to the cap. Each part is individually packaged, sealed and ready to use. 60 mL capacity with 1 mL calibrations.

Can be used up to 2 weeks with appropriate cleaning (replace tubing once tip becomes stiff)

These systems can help maintain the breastfeeding relationship while keeping your baby fed, and this disposable system is a great device for short-term supplementation, or as a trial to see if a more expensive, long-term solution would work for you!

It is advisable to use these system initially with the presence of a lactation consultant who is knowledgeable in such feeding methods.

Benefits of using an at-breast supplementer:

This special feeding device helps to ensure that the baby is given supplemental nutrition whilst breastfeeding.

The bottle can be placed on your chest or under your bra/shirt strap. Very thin, flexible tubes are placed alongside the your nipples so baby gets their extra milk while breastfeeding simultaneously.

The device can be reused after it has been cleaned in accordance with the instructions for use.

  • Enables people to breastfeed when they would otherwise be unable to do so
  • Helps to stimulate the milk supply through direct sucking at the breast
  • Trains the baby to suck properly by creating a vacuum at the breast
  • Reduces the need to triple feed (breast + bottle + pump)
  • Allows adopted babies to be fed at the breast
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