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These cards are a digital download for you to be able to print, cut out and use immediately!

Use these Values Cards in your breastfeeding consultations to take your counselling skills to the next level, allowing your clients to make decisions that will best work for them.

These cards can be used to help a client to make difficult decisions when they feel stuck in some way, or where they want two conflicting things.
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How to use the Values Cards:
1. Ask your clients to look through the cards and remove the cards that are not relevant to them.
2. Then ask them to choose FIVE CARDS that they consider to be their 'most important' values.
3. Ask your client to explain these choices.
4. Provide any additional information or evidence they may need (first asking permission to do so)
5. Ask the client to make any changes they need, now that they have some new information.
6. Ask the client what they might now do, going forward, after seeing these values and making these decisions.

To see these kinds of counselling skills in action, watch my lecture, 'Mastering Lactation Conversations: Creating Successful and Achievable Care Plans' at Gold Online Learning:
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