Out of the house with breast milk – How we did it.

I have been so amped to write about how I completely managed a full day out of the house yesterday with only the expressed breast milk, and all the decisions I made regarding safe transport, keeping it cooled, warming it, not wasting a drop, etc. It was so complicated to figure it out, and then it all just happened!

Feeding on the tram! Is it crazy that I
always dreamt of being able to do that? 🙂
Here is how I did it:
Formula, SNS bottle, Thermos,
container with a bottle of breast milk.
I brought my typical Thermos and formula as back up in case I either chickened out or something went wrong with the expressed breast milk. I then brought the empty SNS bottle and the full bottle of defrosted but refrigerated breast milk. I put the bottle of breast milk in a ziploc bag with some ice cubes (my gel ice pack was oh so conveniently stored in the drawer under the oven instead of the freezer…). I then put that in another ziploc bag as leakage backup, and the whole thing inside a Tupperware container. The plan was that he would get hungry, I’d pour some of the cold milk into the SNS bottle, pour some hot water from the Thermos into the Tupperware container and warm it in there, while keeping the rest cold until next time.

The cold milk inside two bags with ice
What I actually did was get some cold milk into the SNS and then sit on the SNS bottle. Truly. Like a mama hen, I slowly warmed that milk. By the time he actually wanted it, it was lovely body temperature. Ingenious, right?! Not exactly speedy, but I was in anticipation-mode all day, so it worked perfectly. No need for anything fancy, haha! 

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