It’s not working…

Those cheeks! That’s where all that milk is going!

So I had about four days of bliss, where my bubba was audibly gulping down my milk.

It reminded me of the one night when I lost my sh*t in hospital… It was perhaps five days after birth, and I was sharing a room with a wonderfully friendly lady and her sweet new girl. These two had it sorted! While I was feeding between 20-22 hours a day, literally non-stop, changing sides sometimes every two minutes, she only needed to feed every few hours for around ten minutes. I’m not exaggerating. How did I even know the intricacies of her feeding schedule? Well her baby was the noisiest gulper I’ve ever heard. Milk was literally pouring down her throat! And so came the night where I just couldn’t listen to that anymore, and so I ‘slept’ in the spare bed in the feeding/changing room.

For around three nights, I had a gulper. God it was good!

Then I reduced the amount of Domperidone I was taking by just one tablet per day, taking five instead of six. It seems my milk has drastically reduced. He is back to needing formula, usually around 90ml, at every feed except the early hours feed (thank god), but then he pretty much stays attached to my nipple for between four and six hours while we sleep. I’m so thankful that my nipples are healed to the point now where we can do lying-down feeds!

So for the first time ever, I am going against the advice of my beautiful, much loved midwife and lactation consultant, and I am going to self-medicate and up my dosage to the original again. Everything I read and everyone I’ve spoken to who has used it successfully says to remain at full dose for as long as you want to feed, if it is working for you, and if you reduce the dosage and notice a change, go back up again.

If I wasn’t so integrated into the Swiss way of life, I’d probably have no problem calling my midwife now to talk this through and reassess, but I’m tentative about doing this over Christmas, seeing as I feel as if I must be the most demanding client on earth… But we will chat soon. In the meantime, I’m upping my dose again.

I’m calling it! Dorkiest Christmas photo ever 🙂

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