Still not thinking about it

So I’m not meant to be thinking about my milk production, haha. And I think I have done a surprisingly good job at that today! I can’t remember how often he has drank, or if he has been having the whole 120ml or 60 or 30… I do know that my boy slept from 11.30 til 4 again (!) and I woke up with one side leaking, which is pretty bloody awesome.

My gorgeous big boy feeding Baby Peter
with his boobs and a special bottle, just like Mummy 🙂 
The downside to not thinking about it? I went out today and forgot the SNS bottle. No, I can’t just get one from the shops or the pharmacy across the road (I needed to order it). So that was a real organisational failure, but one I will never do again! But the awesome thing? I could feed my boy breast milk only while my husband drove home to get the bottle and bring it to me, which took half an hour. I remember once forgetting the formula when I went out with my first boy, and oh I will always remember the bloodcurdling screams while we raced through the city to find some…

Going out of the house is quite the event-management project with two little ones. I’m thinking I may need to buy two of everything and keep one bag always stocked and ready to go, so this doesn’t happen again. Bummer that this one little bottle is 70 Swiss Francs.

Feeds are more efficient, I am happier, I have time for both of my healthy and happy boys, and my husband is my supportive rock. A good day.

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