I was going to call this post ‘Poo’, but decided against it. There will be a small mention of wee too. Haha. However, if poo talk isn’t really up your alley, perhaps it is best to read elsewhere for the next few minutes. Oh, and I won’t include photos, ha.

(Oh! A quick aside. I did share that last post with my friend who has an abundance of milk, and she is happy to share, and we are talking talking talking. I haven’t totally made up my mind yet if it is the right decision for us, now that a lot of research and a lot of skeptical opinions are zooming around and around in my mind. And she doesn’t exactly live down the road, so safe transportation is an issue I need to iron out. But we are talking, and deciding together. Yay!)

Back to poo.

Loving those wrist rolls!

The internet it a wonderful thing. Anyone who has ever been a little dubious about the contents of their baby’s nappy and done an internet search (oh how embarrassing my search history of the past three years must be) will have found an awesome slideshow from Babycenter — my go-to quick info site — that has real photos of baby poo, showing indicators of healthy and unhealthy, as well as formula and breast-fed poo. The internet is also a wonderful thing, as it has allowed me to share photos of my baby’s poo with an incredibly helpful, supportive and interested mama who has a little boy just a little bit older than mine. Her boy is exclusively breastfed, and she sends me pics of her boy’s poo variants too. We are surprised that Facebook hasn’t removed our accounts yet. But really, isn’t that amazingly cool (okay, and perhaps a little gross), that we can do that?

Now, you know those households where mums and dads do paper-scissors-rock to decide who will change the poo nappy? We aren’t one of them (okay, we were just one time). I am always very eager to do it. My little boy’s poo is the biggest indicator as to how much breastmilk he is ingesting as opposed to formula. I
won’t go into specifics (the slideshow link is there, if you want those!), but needless to say, whenever I open a pooey nappy, I either jump for joy or let out a deflated sigh.

It isn’t remotely predictable either. My boy is going through a growth spurt right now and is chowing through formula as well as feeding every 1.5-2 hours, day and night. This is kind of exciting for me, as I know that this kind of frequency will be continuing to build my supply, but goodness he is having a lot of formula. So I’ll be waiting in anticipation for the next poo to see if my milk supply really has been increasing with his constant feedings, or if it has really just been all formula.

Now, a quick mention about wee. My boy’s morning nappies are so exciting to me! He still spends the whole night with no formula, even last night when he was seemingly permanently attached to me, so the big morning nappy is, I know, a result of all my milk during the night. And it is always pretty full! That makes me very happy.

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