5 months on and still boobin’.

5 months on, and we are still boobin’.

Still using the tubes.
Still using Domperidone.
Still eating and drinking galactagogues.
Still taking Saint John’s Wort.
Still getting frustrated at the fact that it just ain’t bloody simple for us.

But I finally bought myself some beautiful breastfeeding bras. I always said if I managed to actually breastfeed this time around, I’d treat myself to that. I’ve been waiting, thinking that it is bound to end any day now, and yet we are still boobin’ on.

Still feeding him to sleep while his hands touch my fingers and my face.
Still being able to calm him when distressed or in pain.
Still having my heart melt when he stops feeding to look at me and smile.
Still loving when he rolls his body towards me, arms outstretched for my breast.
Still enjoying every moment that he manages to get something that he needs from me.

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