After a lot of requests, I’ve decided to create a kind of ‘book club’ on my website here, where I write reviews on some of the new books that I’ve gotten my hands on. I’d love to also see what you think of these books too, and if you have a totally different view to me, I’d love to read about it! I’ll also be providing recommendations for those that I think are brilliant for either new parents or for other lactation professionals. I’m really looking forward to it!


My Friend’s Milk

I have a friend who has an abundance of breastmilk. Here in Switzerland, there does not exist a breastmilk bank where I can gain access

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It’s not working…

Those cheeks! That’s where all that milk is going! So I had about four days of bliss, where my bubba was audibly gulping down my

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It’s working.

It is ten days since I started taking Domperidone in an attempt to increase my milk production. The last four days, my little one has

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Monkey Brain

It feels a bit like things are not running so smoothly with the feeding over the past few days. When I analyse it, it has

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I have started taking Domperidone. Let’s add that to the list of ‘things’ I am taking each day: 6 x Domperidone 10mg 1x Burgerstein Schwangerschaft

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A different baby

My littlest baby is eight weeks old today. I remember when my big baby was eight weeks old. He is two and a half now,

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